Lisa Connelly’s Case Study (Lisa’s Miles)

Sudden cardiac death in adult with prior history of Kawasaki disease without coronary artery involvement: A case report

Lisa Connelly was 37 when she passed away from a massive heart attack on November 29, 2015. The pathology report showed that she had 50-80% blockage in her coronary arteries due to muscle cell build-up. The pathologist concluded that the long-term effects of Kawasaki Disease caused Lisa’s heart attack. Lisa was diagnosed with KD at the age of 3 by doctors at CCHMC. She was the 20th case in Ohio to have KD. She was followed and cleared at age 8 with no residual effects from the disease.

Lisa led an active lifestyle and was an avid runner. She had just achieved a personal record one month before she died. Lisa’s family has advocated increasing research for patients like Lisa. They created Lisa’s Miles for Kawasaki Disease to raise awareness and funds for KD. In April 2021, they collaborated with a Nurse Practitioner at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to publish a case study of Lisa’s case.

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