KDF Youth

Welcome to KDF Youth! KDF Youth is a KD Foundation program created by youth for youth. The group was launched in September 2020 to increase Kawasaki Disease (KD) awareness among youth and teenagers.


To increase KD awareness among teens and youth.


Raising awareness through social media platforms of Instagram (@kdfyouth) and Tiktok (@kdfyouth), helping with promotion of major KD events and designing apparel, and in the future, holding webinars and events to bring together youth learn about KD.

Join KDF Youth!

KDF Youth is searching for interns for the Summer and Fall KDF Youth Internship Program. To apply and find out more about the position, click here.

Meet the Team

Name & Role: Ellen Xu, KDF Youth Team Lead & KDF Communications Intern

Location: San Diego, CA

Projects: KDF AI Photo Project

Why KDF Youth?

I want to spread awareness for KD because I want to help the thousands of children and families affected by KD each year. My sister had the disease when she was younger, and she inspires me to raise awareness for others like her.

I hope to help generate KD awareness, inspire action within youth, and support the KD Foundation and KDF Youth in our mission to fight against KD.

Name & Role: Annika Naramreddy, KDF Youth Team Member & KDF Communications Intern

Location: Hyderabad, India

Projects: KDF Youth Team Development

Why KDF Youth?

I had Kawasaki Disease(KD) when I was 5 years old; fortunately, I was diagnosed early on and recovered without any side effects. Although I didn’t recognize the importance of early diagnosis of KD then, I now understand the impacts that misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of the disease can have, even by one day! Hence, I hope to spread awareness about KD to permit early diagnosis of the disease.

I hope to increase the visibility of KD among youth in order to create awareness of KD in the next generation, which has become all the more important with the rise in the incidence of KD over the years.

Name & Role: Brooke Solés-Dawn, KDF Youth Team Member & KDF Communications Intern

Location: Washington, D.C.

Projects: KDF Youth Team Development

Why KDF Youth?

I want to spread awareness because KD is not as well known as people think it is. When I had KD at age 4, I was misdiagnosed several times. I live in Washington, DC, and doctors hadn’t heard of it. I was diagnosed late, and I want survivors and patients currently fighting this disease to be able to receive treatment before there is a risk of long-lasting effects. With awareness, we can do that!

I hope to have KD be known internationally, so families of those fighting KD and the patients themselves don’t feel confused or alone. I’m so excited to also reach a younger audience with the youth team as well.

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