Our Mission

About the Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Our History


In October 2000, a group of parents and professionals collaborated to create the Kawasaki Disease Foundation (KDF), the first and only non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to addressing issues related to Kawasaki disease.


KDF was a by-product of a highly successful event-the Kawasaki Disease Parent’s Education Symposium. The KD Parent Symposium was sponsored by Children’s Hospital Boston and the Heart Council at Children’s Hospital. This event brought together over 150 parents from around the United States and Canada to learn current and accurate information from a team of internationally recognized experts and to promote peer support among families and patients.


Our Mission

The Kawasaki Disease Foundation strives to be at the forefront of Kawasaki disease issues by uniting the personal insight of families with the expertise of medical professionals. KDF’s mission is based on three basic principles:

  1. Raising awareness among the medical community, childcare providers, and the general public is critical to early diagnosis and treatment;
  2. Facilitating support among families is essential to helping families cope with this uncommon illness and the potentially devastating effects of heart damage;
  3. Increasing funding for research is necessary to advance diagnostic guidelines, enhance the existing treatment, improve short-term and long-term follow-up care, and find a cause.

Our Supporters

Kawasaki Disease Foundation represents a true collaboration of parents and medical professionals. The board of directors consists of parents whose children have had Kawasaki disease and individuals affected by the disease. Medical professionals who are recognized as Kawasaki disease experts and volunteers from around the United States who contribute a significant amount of time and effort to support the organization.


Our Organization

KDF was incorporated in October 2000 as a non-profit organization under Chapter 180 of Massachusetts General Law (applicable to charitable organizations) and operates per Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 


The Foundation’s tax exemption number and federal tax ID are 17053137024021 and 04-3536123, respectively. Click here to download a copy of the IRS determination letter.


KDF is supported entirely by donations and volunteers. We have no paid staff, and our operating costs are kept to a minimum level. Your generous contributions will go directly to support programs that can make an impact on the lives of many families and children.