Watch the 2023 UCSD KD Parent Symposium (Virtual Event)

Watch the 2023 UCSD KD Parent Symposium (Virtual Event)

Annual Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium hosted by the University of California San Diego, Kawasaki Disease Research Center. The event was held virtually.

Timestamps for presentations and sessions throughout the event

00:04:00 : Jane C Burns MD: Welcome and update on KD Rady Children’s Hospital

00:19:00 : Kirsten Drummer MD: Outcomes in infants younger than 6 mos. of age

00:31:00 : Jane C Burns MD: New molecular platforms for studying KD

00:43:30 : Hao Wang MD: Subgroups of Kawasaki disease: Why does it matter?

00:51:50 : Question and Answer #1

01:36:00 : Adriana Tremoulet MD, MAS: Transition of Care and the 14th International KD Symposium

01:54:00 : Angie Rodriguez Verdin BS: The Adult KD Collaborative Study

02:08:40 : Charles Copeland BS: New KD Insights from Environmental Epidemiology

02:21:30 : Question and Answer #2