Same Treatment Tested for Kids with KD and Rare COVID-19 Reaction

Same Treatment Tested for Kids with Kawasaki Disease and Rare COVID-19 Reaction

In a pair of new studies, published online October 26 and August 31, 2021, two collaborating teams of researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine examined the use of IVIG in two groups; one group used a second dose of IVIG in children with KD who do not respond to the first dose of the drug, and the other group used IVIG as an effective treatment for MIS-C.

“Our research teams looked further into KD to improve treatment, and then used what we know about that disease to advance science in another illness,” said senior author Jane C. Burns, MD, professor and director of the Kawasaki Disease Research Center at UC San Diego School of Medicine and Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

In a paper published in the October 26, 2021 online edition of the Lancet: Child and Adolescent Health, researchers found treating IVIG-resistant KD patients with infliximab, a targeted anti-inflammatory drug, was more effective than a second dose of IVIG.

In an earlier paper, published in the August 31, 2021 online edition of The Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found why IVIG is a successful treatment for MIS-C.