Annual Educational Patient & Parent Symposium

Annual Kawasaki Disease Patient and Parent Educational Symposium

Since 2009, the Kawasaki Disease Foundation has sponsored an annual educational patient and parent symposium. The symposium is organized and hosted by medical KD experts and funded by the Foundation. Each year, the symposia is held at the University of California San Diego, and it is hosted by Jane Burns, MD and Adriana Tremoulet, MD from the Kawasaki Disease Research Center at Rady Children’s Hospital/UCSD. However, the Foundation has sponsored parent symposiums in other locations across the United States, including Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA and Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA.

Additionally, since 2014, the Foundation has provided live recordings of the parent symposia for patients and caregivers from around the world to attend the event and participate in the Q&A session virtually. The recordings are available for on-demand viewing via our YouTube channel.



The annual Kawasaki Disease Patient and Parent Symposium is an educational conference planned by KD medical experts for families and patients of Kawasaki disease. The event aims to address issues that are most relevant to newly diagnosed patients and past patients of KD. Some of the latest research in Kawasaki disease is discussed as well as management of the most common complications, including treatment options and long term care for Kawasaki disease. Speakers discuss issues related to current and past research studies, provide updates on the development of a diagnostic test, discuss the transition from pediatric to adult care, and address parent and patient questions during the Q&A session.



The primary audience is Kawasaki disease patients, adults and children, their caregivers, medical students and Kawasaki disease advocates.



  • Understand the most common complications of Kawasaki disease
  • Understand updates and developments of Kawasaki disease
  • Understand new treatment therapies for Kawasaki disease
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