KDF Youth Highlights

KDF Youth is a KD Foundation program created by youth for youth. The group was launched in September 2020 to increase Kawasaki Disease (KD) awareness among youth and teenagers. Since its inception, the group has met consistently to create KD awareness campaigns and involve other KD youth. See the group’s most recent highlights below.

  • Grew from a team of 5 to 11 teenagers from across the US, India, and Lebanon
  • Utilize social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube) to educate youth on KD symptoms and events
    • Gaming fundraiser
    • Collaborated with rare disease organizations on blog posts
    • Created videos explaining MIS-C and KD history
    • Instagram Q&As and challenges
    • Highlight and share youth stories
  • Ellen Xu, KDF Youth leader, presented at the International Kawasaki Disease Symposium held virtually on October 31, 2021. Ellen’s presentation focused on KDF Youth – raising awareness in the next generation.
  • KDF Youth Interview Series – in honor of KD Day, we hosted three interviews highlighting KD stories and bringing hope/resilience to KD communities
  • Cookies4Cures fundraiser – Kate X. is currently in the talks with Cookies4Cures to launch a Cookies4Kawasaki fundraiser, more details to be confirmed!
  • KDF Youth board – in the process of creating an official youth board and growing our team