KD Awareness Advocates: Michael Lau

My name is Dr. Michael Lau, and I’m a licensed pharmacist currently completing a Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY-1) Residency at NYU Winthrop Hospital. Throughout the course of the year, residents complete rotations in various fields (cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, etc.). During the month of September, when I was training with the pediatric medical team, we came across a patient with the classical symptoms of Kawasaki disease (rash, strawberry tongue, fever lasting greater than five days, conjunctivitis, and swollen feet/hands). The patient was treated and discharged from the hospital. As a resident-in-training, we often conduct learning presentations throughout the course of the year to learn more ourselves and to teach others.

After encountering this case of Kawasaki disease, I wanted to spread the information to other colleagues and medical staff who don’t encounter pediatric patients on a daily basis but would also be interested in learning more. Patients with Kawasaki disease present with several issues that many health professionals are not accustomed with.

The hallmarks of treatment are IVIG and aspirin, with IVIG having an impact on vaccination schedules and aspirin being a concern for the risk of development of Reye syndrome when given to pediatric patients that contract viral illnesses.

My mentor/co-author, a pediatric-specialty trained clinical pharmacist (Dr. Gladys El-Chaar), and I prepared a powerpoint presentation detailing some of the history of Kawasaki Disease, the clinical signs, and symptoms, as well the current treatment options and studies evaluating possible future treatment options. We also went over the current guidelines for management and the role of pharmacists in the management of Kawasaki Disease. This presentation was presented mainly to other pharmacists and residents. The presentation went well, and the audience was very receptive to the information and engaged in the conversation afterward. I handed out nearly all the bands, pins, and posters provided to me by the KD Foundation, which I greatly appreciate.