Ask the KD Experts: Kawasaki Disease & COVID-19

Ask the KD Experts: Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19


Is my KD child more at risk to COVID-19 than the general population?


Children who have had KD go on to be immunologically normal in their response to viruses, vaccines, and other reactions to their environment. While there are certain apparent genetic links to atopic dermatitis and perhaps asthma and allergies in Asian populations, it hasn’t been studied in large enough populations outside Asia to be certain about these links. What is clear, however, is that children before and after KD are not different from the general population in their responses to viral infection or immunizations. There is no greater risk to KD children from COVID-19, seasonal influenza, or any other respiratory virus.

  1. There is no reason to believe that children who have recovered from acute KD with or without coronary artery aneurysms are at any increased risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. Nor is there any concern that once infected that these children would have more severe disease.
  2. Covid-19 virus has not caused severe respiratory disease in any children, regardless of their health history or health status.
  3. The precautions regarding social distancing are to protect the elderly population and to prevent a large surge in adults becoming infected and requiring care.
  4. Aspirin and other medications that your child may be taking for their KD and coronary artery aneurysms are not known to be contraindicated in the setting of Covid-19 infection.

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Jane C. Burns, M.D.
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