Ask the KD Experts: KD & COVID-19 Latest News

Ask the KD Experts: KD & COVID-19 Latest News

Dear KD Parents,

We wanted to reach out to provide information and reassurance to our KD parents in light of new information that is emerging about children who develop a severe shock syndrome with some features of KD that appears related to the new coronavirus illness, COVID-19. We have long suspected that there may be different triggers for KD based on individual genetics. The emergence of this new problem suggests that the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, may be a trigger for some children to develop KD. In children who are affected by this new syndrome, they develop a serious heart condition that requires care in the intensive care unit.  If your child has already had KD, then the new coronavirus was not their trigger!

There is no information to suggest that children who have had KD are at increased risk for complications of COVID-19 infection compared to the general population.  Our team at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego and UCSD are at the forefront of research to understand this new, complicated form of COVID-19/KD and are collaborating with colleagues around the country and around the world to better understand this condition and how to treat it. For further updates on this evolving situation, please go to our website ( that will be updated whenever we have new information to share. Please know that we are here to provide information and support but are currently overwhelmed responding to this new health crisis and may be delayed in getting back to you.

Hope you are all healthy and staying safe.


Jane C. Burns, M.D.
Professor and Director, Kawasaki Disease Research Center
Dept. of Pediatrics MC 0641
UCSD School of Medicine
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0641