2020 KD Parent Symposium (Virtual Event)

Watch the 2020- UCSD KD Parent Symposium (Virtual Event)

Annual Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium hosted by the University of California San Diego, Kawasaki Disease Research Center. The event was held virtually via Zoom.

Video Time Stamp Speaker Topic

  • 0:05:15 Jane C. Burns, MD: A tribute to Dr. Kawasaki and his legacy
  • 0:18:16 Prof. Michael Levin: New horizons in KD research
  • 0:40:40 Jane C. Burns, MD MIS-C: What the coronavirus can teach us about KD
  • 01:03:50 Adriana H. Tremoulet, MD, MAS: Treatment of KD and MIS-C
  • 01:12:40 Info on KD Genetic Study
  • 01:13:33 Info on Adult KD/KD Long-term Outcomes Study
  • 01:14:10 Info on AI Photo Study
  • 01:15:50 Mary Glode, MD, Moderator: Q & A: Session 1
  • 01:29:35 Greg Chin, President & Founder, KD Foundation: KD Foundation 20th anniversary lecture: Where we’ve been and where we are going
  • 01:37:00 Ivan Montano, Adult KD Study Participant: A patient experience
  • 01:53:00 John B. Gordon MD: Long-term outcomes after KD
  • 02:10:00 Mary Glode, MD, Moderator: Q & A: Session 2