KD Day Fundraiser

Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day Fundraiser

January 26th is National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

By setting up a KD Day fundraiser, you can help raise awareness of KD among your friends, family, and colleagues. Share your KD story with them and, most importantly, tell them why knowing the symptoms of KD is crucial to a timely diagnosis. Set a fundraising goal in any amount and invite everyone you know to support your cause.

To set up a fundraiser for National KD Day:

  1. Decide to fundraise for National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day
  2. Complete the form below, preferably before January 26th, so that you can fundraise in the weeks leading up to January 26th
  3. Receive your fundraiser page link via email
  4. Share your page with your friends, family, co-workers, and other supporters via email and/or social media and ask them to donate to your fundraiser
  5. Thank your donors, and feel amazing knowing that you and your supporters are helping save precious hearts

100% of your donation will help support our mission.

Our goals to raise KD awareness, support families, and increase funding for research are impossible to accomplish without selfless, giving individuals like YOU.

Join Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day now!

Virtual Fundraisers

  • What should we call your fundraiser? For example: "Dylan's Birthday Fundraiser for Kawasaki Disease"
  • Please write two to three paragraphs explaining why you are fundraising for Kawasaki disease. Don't forget to tell donors why they should support your cause.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pdf, png, Max. file size: 64 MB.
    Support KD Families During Diagnosis

    KDF Bridges Volunteer

    Become a trained KDF Bridges Support Volunteer to help families currently facing Kawasaki disease.


    Help Raise Funds for KDF

    Host a Fundraiser Event

    Host a fundraising event online or in your community to support the KDF’s mission.


    Help raise KD awareness

    KD Awareness Materials

    Help educate other families and medical professionals about the signs and symptoms of KD.