Vicki Trucksess’ KD Awareness Challenge

Vicki Trucksess’ Kawasaki Disease Awareness Challenge

Challenge Type: Running

Challenge Goal: 75 miles

Fundraising Goal: $500

Why I’m participating in the KDAC?

As a KD kid myself I want to help raise awareness and funds for research. I was misdiagnosed multiple times and was left untreated for 11 days. Once doctors finally were able to figure out that I had Kawasaki Disease, I was given a few treatments of IVIG and was put on aspirin therapy – I needed to take 25 baby aspirin a day for months after leaving the hospital. This required me to leave 1st grade every other day and drive an hour to my cardiologist’s office for blood work to make sure my organs weren’t going to fail. In 2006 I was officially ‘cleared’ of KD, which this really just meant my arteries were no longer inflamed or full of aneurysms and I was finally able to participate in sports. I am choosing to do this challenge for early detection tests so no kid goes untreated for as long as I did! I hope you’re able to support, if not, please share and know the signs and symptoms of this disease!

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July 21, 2019

Yourrrrrrrrreeeeee great

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Jeanine Trucksess

July 3, 2019

WOW ‼️Vickie you are Fabulous ❤️

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Real Time Fitness

July 1, 2019

Go Vicki!

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June 30, 2019

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