Meghan Murphy’s KD Awareness Challenge

Meghan Murphy’s Kawasaki Disease Awareness Challenge










Challenge Type: Running, Walking, Hiking

Challenge Goal: 100 miles

Fundraising Goal: $500

Why I’m participating in the KDAC?

I was a KD kid myself when I was one. My parents and my grandparents have told me how hard it was to find out what exactly was going on. Several weeks went by, and one amazing doctor finally figured it out that I had KD. I was lucky enough to be given two IVIG treatments and walked away without any serious complications. The EKG that gave the doctors enough confidence to finally say I was completely in the clear is now tattooed on my ribs forever. I know there are families and children out there who are not this lucky, and that is why I want to complete this challenge and raise awareness for them. This is my mission, and I hope whoever is able to donate and support, for not only myself but the other families and individuals participating in this challenge, will consider donating.

$295 of $500 raised
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John Murphy

$50 July 5, 2019
Anonymous User

Jaime Hennigan

$25 July 5, 2019
Anonymous User

Joanna Tritaris

$20 July 5, 2019
Anonymous User

Linda Murphy

$25 July 4, 2019
Anonymous User

Thomas Ryan

$50 July 3, 2019
Anonymous User

Linda Murphy

$25 June 28, 2019

Proud of you!

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$100 June 28, 2019

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