Kawasaki Disease Awareness Challenge

Kawasaki Disease Awareness Challenge (KDAC)


The Kawasaki Disease Foundation is hosting a challenge and fundraiser this summer to raise awareness about Kawasaki disease. People of all ages, abilities, and from every state across the country can challenge themselves to bike, run, walk, or hike to help save Kawasaki Kid’s hearts. You can help us raise awareness about Kawasaki disease, support families who have been diagnosed, and continue research to find a cause and advance treatment by joining our challenge.


Because Kawasaki disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children, and, each year, several cases go undetected, or diagnosis is delayed. If left unrecognized and untreated, Kawasaki disease could cause serious damage to the heart.


Challenge Yourself To Ride, Run, Walk Or Hike To Help Save Kawasaki Kid’s Hearts

Set a personal goal to complete this summer, track your progress, and invite your friends and family to support your goal.

Your goal could be to ride, run, walk, or hike 25 miles, 250 miles or 1,000 miles; it’s your challenge; you decide your goal! The possibilities are endless; all you need to do do is set a goal and log your miles.

4 Easy Steps:

1. Sign Up for the KDAC

Sign up today to set up your KDAC page.

2.  Ask Everyone

Be sure to ask everyone you know to support your efforts to raise awareness about Kawasaki disease while completing a personal fitness goal! You never know who will sponsor you, and donations can come from the most unlikely places. Make sure you email your family and friends to let them know about your personal goal. Share your KDAC page on your social media pages to share your progress, and invite everyone you know to support your fundraiser.

Raise $500 and you’ll receive a FREE t-shirt or hoodie sweater.

3. Start Your Challenge

Start your challenge! Set a realistic goal to complete over the summer months of June – September. Ride, run, walk or hike on the weekends or during the week to reach your goal, you decide!

4. Record Your Miles

Record your rides, runs, walks, or hikes using the Strava app for every activity you complete for the challenge. Your Strava account will be connected to your KDAC page when you sign up so that all you need to do is download either app to your phone and track your activities. Your page will automatically display your activities and your progress towards your fundraising goal.

Ready to challenge yourself this summer? Sign up today for the 2019 Kawasaki Disease Awareness Challenge!

To sign up for KDAC, please complete the form below. Your KDAC page will be set up 2-3 days after your form is submitted.

KD Awareness Challenge

    Are you planning to ride your bike, run, walk or hike?
  • Enter the total miles you aim to ride, run, walk or hike.
  • Set your fundraising goal for your ride, run, walk or hike to help save Kawasaki kid's hearts! Raise at least $500 to win a FREE 2019 KDAC t-shirt or hoodie.
  • Please write a short paragraph of why you are participating in the challenge. Make sure you let your supporters know why this cause is important to you and why they should support your goal.
  • Drop files here or
    Please upload a photo to use on your KDAC profile page.