About the KDF Bridges Program

KDF bridges program

The Kawasaki Disease Foundation Bridges program matches families currently facing KD with trained Support Volunteers. The volunteers are generally parents of children who have KD, or adult patients who have recovered from KD. The volunteers are screened and trained by experienced support professionals. The role of the support volunteer is to provide personal insight that may be helpful in coping with KD.


The program evolved as a method of accomplishing one of the Foundation’s basic goals: providing support to families dealing with the diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease.


Support Volunteers do not provide medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, you should contact your child’s pediatrician. If you have questions about your child’s medical care, the Foundation can connect your child’s pediatrician with one of our medical advisors for a medical consultation.

The role of the Support Volunteer is to listen with empathy and provide a safe, supportive environment for people to express themselves. Support Volunteers are not a substitute for a mental health professional.

There is no fee for participating in the KDF Bridges program. Support Volunteers commit to making two calls to the requesting family (up to about a one-hour conversation). Beyond the two calls, the ongoing relationship between the requesting family and the Support Volunteer is solely up to the personal discretion of the Support Volunteer.

For email support, the Support Volunteer will commit to ongoing (subject to a mutually agreed upon schedule) email correspondence for up to one week. Beyond the initial week, the ongoing relationship between the requesting family and the Support Volunteer is solely up to the personal discretion of the Support Volunteer.

Families can request support by calling 813-758-8686, by sending an email to krwicker@hotmail.com, or by submitting an online request form.

Regional Support Volunteers

Support volunteers have been screened and trained and are ready to call or email you to share their KD experience, or just listen to yours. Although they have offered to have their email address and telephone numbers posted on this site, please contact Karin Wicker at the Foundation through the website, by email at krwicker@hotmail.com, or by telephone 813-758-8686 before contacting a support volunteer directly.

Click here for the current list of support volunteers.


Support Volunteers from around the United States and the world participate in KDF Bridges. As a volunteer, you will only be listed on the website at your request. Please contact us if you interested in volunteering. The Foundation offers free training for Support Volunteers.

Contact KDF directly at 978-356-2070 or 813-758-8686 if you need to speak to a Support Volunteer immediately.

Training to Become a Volunteer

To become a Bridges volunteer, you first need training. 

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